R Commander – logistic regression

June 23rd, 2010

We can use the R Commander GUI to fit logistic regression models with one or more explanatory variables. There are also facilities to plot data and consider model diagnostics. The same series of menus as for linear models are used to fit a logistic regression model.

Fast Tube by Casper

The “Statistics” menu provides access to various statistical models via the “Fit models” sub-menu including:

  • Generalized Linear model – the most commonly used generalized linear models are avaiable, where we can specify a model formula using the Wilkinson-Rogers notation.

The “Models” menu provides access to various diagnostics for statistical models via the “Graphs” sub-menu including:

  • Basic diagnostic plots – four commonly used residual diagnostics including fitted values versus residuals and a normal probability plot for the residuals.

The “Hypothesis Tests” sub-menu can be used to generate comparisons between pairs of models.

Other useful resources are provided on the Supplementary Material page.

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