April 25th, 2009

Statistical analysis requires high quality reliable software so that the analyst can have confidence in the results that are returned and any conclusions drawn from such an analysis. One system that provides the required features and capabilities is R, which is an open-source software system which provides a programming language that is used interactively in sessions or can be run as batch computations.

The focus of this website is to provide material to help users learn to use the R environment to undertake a variety of data processing and statistical analysis operations. This material will appear in a number of different forms ranging from blog posts, pdf documents to video screen capture demonstrations of using the R system.

The author of this website has worked with the R Statistical software system for over ten years and has experience of undertaking analysis ranging from routine investigations to more complicated investigations involving writing custom code. He has an interest in creating interfaces to the R to allow a standard analysis to be undertaken a regular basis with minimal difficulty.

This site is sponsored and maintained by GM-RAM Limited, a UK Limited company which specialises in software development and consultancy.

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