Creating a Presentation with LaTeX Beamer – Tables

July 14th, 2010

Tables of information can be included in a LaTeX beamer presentation in the same way that they would be incorporated into any other LaTeX document. The tabular environment is used and, if necessary, the tables could be numbered but this probably doesn’t make as much sense as labelling and numbering tables within an article or book.

Fast Tube by Casper

For example, if we wanted to add a table of some of the common geom elements for ggplot2 to a slide we could use the following code:

\begin{frame}{Common geoms}
geom & Description \\ \hline
geom_bar & Bar chart \\
geom_boxplot & Box and Whisker plot \\
geom_contour & Contour plot \\
geom_point & Scatter plot \\
geom_smooth & Smoothed conditional mean \\

This is a basic example of creating a table and there are many examples of how the appearance of a table can be enhanced in LaTeX, see for example here or here.

Other useful resources are provided on the Supplementary Material page.

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