Creating a Presentation with LaTeX Beamer – Bullet Lists

July 10th, 2010

When writing a presentation we might want to use a bullet list to highlight some key points that might be lost if they are part of a large body of text. We can use the standard LaTeX environments for creating lists within a beamer presentation in a straightforward way.

Fast Tube by Casper

The bullet lists can be created using the itemize or enumerate environments depending on the type of list that we want to appear on the slides. The itemize list uses symbols and is not numbered while the enumerate list is a numbered list so the choice will depend on the elements covered by the list.

Within our slide we would create the list environment in exactly the same was as over LaTeX documents and the \item command. An example of creating a bullet list of assumptions for a linear statistical model is shown here:

\item A linear the relationship between response and explanatory variables.
\item Independence of the model errors.
\item Constant variance for the model errors (a) versus time and (b) versus
  the predictions (or versus any independent variable)
\item Normality of the errors.

This can be easily changed to an enumerate environment to make it a numbered list.

Other useful resources are provided on the Supplementary Material page.

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