Creating a Presentation with LaTeX Beamer – Boxes

July 19th, 2010

We can add coloured boxes with text or mathematics into a LaTeX beamer presentation which is particularly useful if we have definitions, theorem or computer code to highlight this information that may not be so accessible within a paragraph of text.

Fast Tube by Casper

The easiest way to create a box is to use the various pre-defined environments such as definition:

The simple linear regression model describes the relationship between
a response variable and a single explanatory variable.

We might want to create a box with our own title in which case the exampleblock environment can be used with the new title as an argument to this environment:

\begin{exampleblock}{Linear Regression Model}
$Y_{i} = \beta_{0} + \beta_{1} X_{i} + \epsilon_{i}$

Other useful resources are provided on the Supplementary Material page.

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